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Name: Jordan Frazier

Major: Agricultural Business

Year: Sophomore at University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Hometown: Springdale, Maryland

What were the deciding factors when choosing your major or area of study?  Well, I was undecided on my major prior to starting college.  While having a conversation with my college recruiter during my college visit, she helped me narrow down my interest towards food, nutrition, and agriculture which is closely connected to my goal of entrepreneurship and owning a restaurant.

How are you funding your education?  I’m funding my college education by scholarships and the USDA Scholar Program.

What is a skill or experience you don't possess now but hope to leave college with?  I hope to leave college with a better understanding of financial literacy and skills.

Jordan what are your current educational and career goals?  As stated before, I’m a 2nd semester sophomore majoring in Agribusiness with the goal of graduating in May 2024 with my Bachelor of Science Degree.

2023 Scholarship Schedule

April 1st

Applications available

July 31st

Applications due

August 31st


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.


  • Must be an undergraduate student enrolled or entering into an accredited university or college.


  • Must submit current transcript
    (official or unofficial copy)


  • Must have cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.5
  • Must have recommendation letter (excludes relatives.)


  • Completed application must be submitted by the DEADLINE.


  • In order to receive the scholarship award, the finalist is required to attend the Annual J.A.F. GALA.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you are an undergraduate student, you may apply for this scholarship.